The Time has Come


I feel as if we are at a precipice for humanity.

With all the various social media platforms and other media outlets acting both as a catalyst, for uniting our world through the ability to share different ethics, knowledge, cultures, and perspectives, with it, unfortunately,  there are those that instead of embracing our diverse world with compassion, cooperation, and understanding, they prefer to radicalize; building a pillar dedicated to intolerance, bigotry, and hatred; revitalizing beliefs that can only lead to genocide and tragedy, as proven an irrefutable amount of times throughout history.

Preserving the very principles of liberty, free speech and untethered self-expression that has allowed our country to flourish, and act as a sanctuary for countless families and individuals from all walks of life.

This is the responsibility of every person. Especially those occupying any position of power or influence to uphold the highest levels of righteousness, by immediately abjuring any institution, organization, movement or individual that would promote such beliefs; as to circumvent any corruption from taking place anywhere in our world.

Uniting together with lucidity we can proactively work towards understanding one another clearly and definitively and through this mutual respect and appreciation, we must all work together to abolish all forms of prejudice present in our village; and I’m talking about our global village, because if just one ounce of irrational or radical hate is allowed to exist in our world, the stones that built that pillar will always remain.

The goal is achievable and within reach, we must work to preserve and heal our nations and institutions from the sickness and madness of greed, might, and power and instill the values of wisdom, compassion, and peace. Not even two years ago I was talking about how our society is losing view of the Golden Rule, and these recent events go to show just how out of sight it really has become.

My mission with Save Our World is to enhance the quality of life for all of mankind. We have lost concern for our fellow man, for their well being and for the future of their children. Save Our World is being built on the premise that we are all brother and sisters, and like a family; we can work together to improve the lives of others. Now is the time more than ever to unite in a global village and together save our world by persistently preserving all virtuous values that will ensure a happier, healthier and more prosperous future for all generations to come. Save Our World will never say it cannot be done.

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