Everyday Tragedies

everyday tradegies

It’s easy to become numbed to the headlines of the day. The 24-hour nature of the news feeds us with endless horrors of war, terrorism, coups, and the very worse of man’s inhumanity to man writ large whether it’s on the front page in 74 point type on our phone’s news feed or somewhere in between. The media have lived on the raw red meat of tragedy and scandal as long as there has been a media. Is it not more of a horror that so many of us have become so numb not to tragedy on a massive scale, but to the everyday tragedies?

This post is not excusing the perpetrators of these horrors, or looking to rip the lid off the psyche of the type of being who could conceive and execute these crimes against humanity and sanity, but to decry the erasure that such catastrophes visited upon those who are enmeshed in tragedies on a more intimate scale. Here are some tragedies that should bring you to your knees, overlooked, and underreported if they are mentioned at all.

It is easy to focus on the big tragedies, but do not let the big tragedies and talking heads erase the tragedies that befall millions of Americans every day. Poverty, violence, homelessness, and unsafe living conditions right here where we live are an affront to the dignity and decency of every citizen. Work to solve the big problems, but do not erase the smaller tragedies, lest they sow the seeds of a greater one.

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