Escape a Rut

Escape a Rut

Published by Time Inc. Books “The Bible. Unlock the Bible’s Secrets. All the way it can transform your life.”

A rut is a pattern of dull and unproductive behavior that saps joy and excitement from your daily life.

The good news is that most ruts can be escaped. Sometimes even the slightest change in your routine can give you the momentum you need to escape a lull. Here are three ideas to get you started.


Cut your hair short. Style it a different way. Find out what life is like as a blond, brunette, or readhead. Grow a mustache or shave your beard. Update your wardrobe. It may seem like a surface change – and, on one level, it is – but embracing a new style can give you the motivation to embrace other changes.


Introduce yourself to someone new at church. Have lunch with coworkers you’ve never talked to before. Strike up conversations with strangers in social settings. Expanding your circle of acquaintances and influences could bring much-needed change to your routine. It might introduce you to new perspectives.


Speak up when you’d normally stay silent. Volunteer for a public role in a ministry. Do something that scares you. Rock your world a little – just enough to get you out of the well-worn groove that’s keeping you stationary.

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