Palm Beach Post: The Rebirth of Paul David Pope

Paul David Pope

With roots deep in the lush world of fame and fortune, Paul David Pope has risen to become the worthy heir to a powerful publishing lineage as an entrepreneur who wants to save the world. Through unique firsthand insights, life lessons and inspirational stories, he’s working on just that.

In Pope’s first book, The Deeds of My Fathers, he laid bare the colorful history of his family, from the the founding of The National Enquirer to his grandfather’s history as a New York power broker—and even more, weaving over 600 interviews together into a riveting tale worthy of the silver screen. His new title, Confessions, presents a tell-all that hits even closer to home than Pope’s Italian-American history: this new book focuses on Pope’s own life with industrious, even studious dedication to his family’s publishing countered by an unapologetic young adult steeped in lavish parties, high-dollar vacations and high-risk hobbies.

Readers unfamiliar with Pope may assume Confessions is a title designed for grandstanding, the diary of a wealthy braggart, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Seeing Pope’s life through his own eyes and in his own words teaches readers from all walks of life that money truly can’t buy happiness, with the wild lifestyle of Pope’s youth leading him to his current position as a world-renown philanthropist driven to save humanity from what seems to be its inevitable demise.

By offering a blatantly honest, humorous and surprisingly reflective look into what it means to come of age with everything you want and nothing you need, Pope will offer solutions to try to begin to unite humanity together.

More information about Pope’s new book, his humanitarian efforts and future projects can be found online at

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