writing tipsSo you think you can write? If yes then think again, it is not supposed to be disheartening but a simple trick to separate wheat from the chaff. Writers are special people and getting rarer by the minute. But sometimes the best of the writers and their dreams die a premature death because they do not get the guidance to make it big. It takes a lot of strength to pour your heart out in your literary work just as Paul David Pope did. He understands this and hence spreads his wisdom to as many amateur writers as he can.
To write something, you have to feel very passionate about it. The subject about whom you are going to write should be close to your heart. It could very well be something that you have felt or something that is your personal experience. Citing an example from the life of Italian writer Paul David Pope, the lessons in life that he experienced have all been condensed in his writing and that is the way it should be.
For writers, writing from mere personal experiences would not suffice. It is beneficial to know more and different perspectives and this is possible only if the writer indulges into research. Know everything there is to know about the things that you are going to write about.  Dig, investigate, interview, find; do every known trick in the book and expand your knowledge. Be ready to walk that extra mile to give your readers something extra to read.

Imagine if Paul David Pope began writing his book, The Deeds of my Father without sufficient information about his family history, it would not have been the best seller that it is now. Also, it is important for writers to write from their heart. Perfect language skills, artistic flow of sentences, clarity in thinking and depth in thought are some of the very essential ingredients of a successful writer. A beginner striving to make it big in the world of writing must make note of all the above written tips in order to be successful.


  1. Dear Mr. Pope,

    I just came across a post about your work which was synchronicity at work! Ha!
    I have seriously thought about writing a book (or books) for some time now. It would be about the amazing people who have shared a life with me who were truly remarkable. It would also be a story of growing up in the Deep South as a gay young man who struggled to “for in” but years later finally came to terms with his own identity. It would be about southern life in the 50s and 60s, social injustice, family covert sexual scandals, hypocrisy, bigotry, courage, friendship and ultimately God’s salvation through compassionate unconditional Love. I feel almost compelled to do so since I believe this story has a message that could be shared with others for the ultimate Good.

    I currently write all the blog articles for Ocean Reef Resorts in Destin, Florida which is my resume so to speak. Lol! Anyway I was impressed with what I read about you since you have the spirit of “noblis oblige” which is
    heartening in this 21st century Robber Baron era.

    Sincere regards,

    Hamilton Harper


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