Justice Served For Paul David Pope, Son Of National Enquirer Founder, Generoso Pope, Jr.: Judge Enters Order For Modification Of 2013 Injunction Obtained By Mother, Lois Pope

Paul David PopePaul begins his road to redemption; is no longer prohibited from using or possessing a firearm or ammunition

PALM BEACH, Fla.July 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Justice has been served for Paul David Pope, son of National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope, Jr. On July 23, the judge entered the order for modification of the 2013 Final Judgement of Protection Against Stalking injunction obtained by his mother, Lois Pope, granting him the constitutional right to possess a firearm. In the recent petition filed by attorney Mike Pike, it was noted that Paul needed his guns back because he feared for the safety of his three children since his mother took out kidnap and ransom insurance on them. The order for modification was filed in the Palm Beach County Circuit Court; therefore all information pertaining to this case is now public record.

“Constitutional rights maintain center stage in today’s current events,” said Mike Pike, of Pike and Lustig, LLP in West Palm Beach. “We are happy with the end result, and the recognition and restoration of Paul’s constitutional rights under the Second Amendment,” said Pike.

“I am ecstatic that the courts realized that under the Second Amendment, I have a constitutional right to bear arms to protect myself and my family just like any other American citizen,” states Paul. “This is the beginning of my road to redemption.”

The National Enquirer family saga is a real life, made-for-television tragedy of a wealthy and high-profile dynasty torn apart by money and power. Since the 1988 death of Generoso, Paul and his mother have battled in the courts, each having been actively and aggressively engaged in ongoing litigation with the constant underlying theme of money – never threats of physical violence or bodily harm.

The 2013 injunction was obtained by Lois following Paul’s investigation of discrepancies concerning the assets of his father’s estate and various family secrets in preparation of his upcoming tell-all book, “Confessions.” Paul was in contact with Wall Street mogul Peter Peterson, a former financial advisor to Generoso, in an effort to gather family and business information and documents for inclusion in Paul’s archive of family history known as the Pope Media Center, which to this day he has not responded to or produced anything. Although his mother had freely and willingly given Paul recorded interviews for use in the book, she attempted to withdraw her permission for release of the information and wanted to stop the book and the disclosure of Pope family secrets. Ultimately, Paul was wrongfully arrested and his mother filed a Petition for Injunction against Stalking, which indefinitely forbade him from use or possession of a firearm.

With this favorable ruling, Paul is now able to exercise his constitutionally protected right to bear arms, and one thing has been made very clear – money and power cannot take precedence over an American Citizen’s Constitutional Rights.

“This is the tip of the iceberg to regaining all of my civil rights,” says Paul. “I will not stop until there is justice and am hell bent on the truth being told. It is because of my determination, focus and tenacity that I have come this far – I am and always will be driven by absolute certainty in what I am doing and what is right.”

Read full press release.

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