Paul David PopeWriting stellar books is an art and most feel that it is an inborn talent and not an acquired one. But the journey from being a proficient writer from an amateur one is an uphill one. There are a lot of factors that come into play when you think of successful writers. Their writing styles, their genre but none can actually dispute the role of a good story when it comes to success in writing. It is important to connect and feel about what you are writing or else the flow doesn’t come, just as the writer of Italian origin,Paul David Pope has penned in his very first book The Deeds of my Father based on his family biography.

Writers are a helpful breed. Assisting fellow writers to write well seems to be a trait common to all writers. It probably stems from the fact that every write up is original and unique; none feel threatened because each has a different story to tell. Your story is as good as the amount of hard work you have put in it. Paul David Pope for instance has reportedly used close to 500 interviews and innumerable researching sources to write an accurate account of his lineage.

Some of the irresistible tips for amateur writers from this prolific author are:

  • Extensive research as pointed out
  • Keeping it simple; Less is more. Your write up should be understandable and hence simple.
  • Develop a signature style of writing. This will make your fans look forward to your next write-up
  • Write engaging content. Impress the readers with content not merely with words.
  • Correct efforts to reach the target audience.

Often simple written content are the most moving ones. A writer has his distinct style that he must foster. The content is supreme; consider the amount of startling information that Paul David Pope has infused in his book. And lastly, in today’s world, it isn’t just about writing well, the way it is marketed and pitched also counts. All in all, a well written and a well marketed book have all the makings of a bestseller.

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