City & Shore: Paul David Pope offers a spellbinding insider perspective as part of a wealthy & powerful media family

Paul David PopeFrom a lavish backdrop of fame, fortune and a powerful publishing dynasty, Paul David Pope’s life is full of influential people, amazing adventures and outlandish antics associated with excess and privilege. He’s racked up fascinating stories, inspirational insights and universal life lessons.

Fortunately, he is eager to share them.

Pope, a successful businessman, family patriarch and philanthropist based in South Florida, is the author of two riveting books about his world-renown family and himself. He’s also working to launch an exciting humanitarian endeavor designed to bring people together to make the world better for everyone.

Pope’s ambitious humanitarian efforts and his tell-all books are part of a mission to give back and inspire others.

The much-lauded book, The Deeds of My Fathers published in 2010, is an action-packed screen worthy tale of his remarkable Italian-American family. His father Gene Pope Jr. was founding publisher of The National Enquirer, and his grandfather, Generous Pope Sr., became a media mogul and powerbroker after immigrating to New York as a teenager. The book, based on about 600 interviews, delves into the family’s roles in history, in politics and in the media industry.

Another book penned by Paul Pope focuses on his own life, from an industrious kid working at The National Enquirer to a flashy no-limits no-apologies young adult, who indulged in exotic vacations, lavish parties and racing fast boats. The soon-to-rereleased book is described as salacious, sinister and sexy, written with Pope’s reflective, honest and humorous voice.

Through Pope’s vantage point, readers experience the ultimate highs and deep lows of life in a billion dollar glass house where everyone is throwing stones. Paul Pope says his untraditional lifestyle, his wild experiences and his rich opportunities taught him that money doesn’t buy happiness. The tales he shares in his books are not only entertaining, they provide readers with valuable inspiration about overcoming hardships.

Information about Paul Pope’s book, The Deeds of My Fathers, is featured on the website,

Stay tuned for Pope’s future projects, including his book, Confessions, and a humanitarian endeavor, on the website,

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One thought on “City & Shore: Paul David Pope offers a spellbinding insider perspective as part of a wealthy & powerful media family

  1. Paul I missed the first release of your book and am looking forward to the next release of the book. I have just finished a 6 year write of a medical book “Commonsense in Medicine” A Basic Guide to Health. I shall be happy to send you copy, Please send me your address or if you are coming to the Bal Harbour area, I can meet you. Looking forward to a reunion.
    Lewis R. Elias M.D.


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