Paul David Pope’s “The Deeds Of My Fathers” Book And Exclusive

Paul David PopePope Media Center Content Featured In Popular PBS Documentary Series, The Italian Americans

MIAMIApril 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Exclusive content from National Enquirer heir, businessman and philanthropist Paul David Pope‘s 2010 book, “The Deeds of My Fathers: How My Grandfather and Father Built New York and Created the Tabloid World of Today,” and the Pope Media Center was recently featured in the popular two-part, four-hour PBS documentary series, The Italian Americans. “Deeds,” which is now in development with a top Hollywood television company, is much more than the story of a prominent family – it is a sweeping saga of New York and national politics in the 20th century, the birth and rise of tabloid media, the growing influence of the Italian-American community and the behind-the-scenes involvement of organized crime in legitimate businesses.

The PBS series, written and produced by John Maggio and narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor Stanley Tucci, explores the evolution of Italian Americans from the late nineteenth century to today, from “outsiders” once viewed with suspicion and mistrust to some of the most prominent leaders of business, politics and the arts today. The exclusive “Deeds” and Pope Media Center content is also featured in the series’ companion book by Maria Laurinoin bookstores now, who strips away stereotypes and nostalgia to tell the complicated, centuries-long story of the true Italian-American experience. Because of the joint three-year collaboration between Pope and PBS, the series and book each feature an entire piece and chapter on his grandfather, Generoso.

Generoso dominated the construction industry in New York City, creating a virtual monopoly in such materials as sand and cement – making him a powerful force in the burgeoning metropolis. His company, Colonial Sand & Stone, eventually became the largest sand and gravel company in the world. Generoso single-handedly molded Italian-Americans into a significant voting bloc through his media holdings serving that community, most notably the newspaper, Il Progresso.

With more than a decade of research, over 500 interviews and hundreds of research documents informing his chronicle, “Deeds” features a compelling compilation of narratives, from the genesis of New York City’s famed Columbus Day Parade to untold Elvis and Ted Kennedy stories.

Pope’s second book“Confessions” – a true story of incredible power and excess where life has no limits and the players no conscience – is set to be released by end of year. The juicy tell-all memoir paints a vivid picture of a life of excess and privilege – a story that is salacious, sinister, historically riveting and sexy to a modern day audience.

“Confessions is an in-depth look into a world never before revealed – it’s destined for the big screen,” says Pope.

Pope’s attorney, Michael Pike at Pike & Lustig, LLP in West Palm Beach, FL further comments, “While the book is a tell-all memoir, Pope’s past dealings require him to be cautious when discussing legal issues.” “However, Pope declares that readers will get his full uncensored life story.”

Read full press release.

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