National Enquirer Heir And America’s Wealthiest Bad Boy Paul David Pope To Release Riveting Tell-All Memoir, “Confessions Of A Rich Kid From Hell”

Paul David PopeA true story of incredible power and excess where life has no limits and the players no conscience

MIAMIApril 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — National Enquirer heir, businessman and philanthropist Paul David Pope is set to release his second book, “Confessions of a Rich Kid from Hell” (working title), by end of year. The juicy tell-all memoir paints a vivid picture of a life of excess and privilege – a story that is salacious, sinister, historically riveting and sexy to a modern day audience. Pope’s first book, “The Deeds of My Fathers“, is now in development with a top Hollywood television company.

Pope’s attorney, Michael Pike at Pike & Lustig, LLP in West Palm Beach, FL says, “While the book is a tell-all memoir, Pope’s past dealings require him to be cautious when discussing legal issues.” “However, Pope declares that readers will get his full uncensored life story.”

The life you dream of, he lives. No rules, no limits, no apologies. The true story behind a tabloid media dynasty isn’t always pretty; in fact, it’s downright shocking. Multimillionaire bad boy Paul David Pope grew up leading a privileged lifestyle that few could imagine. From outlandish private parties with live zebras to vaults of heavy armor and exotic foreign trips with receptions reserved for kings and presidents, it’s a nonstop adventure into a world never before revealed. But being the patriarch of a powerful global family has its price. Through the eyes of the notorious bad boy you will experience the ultimate highs and deep lows of life in a billion dollar glass house where everyone is throwing stones.

“Confessions” is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes frightening, usually jaw-dropping, and always gripping memoir of Pope, a young man who should have been dead long ago. That he has survived, and has even achieved a life that vaguely resembles normalcy, should be considered an inspiration to millions. What keeps the story fresh and readable at every turn is Pope’s uniquely quirky take on almost everything; he’s learned to view both himself and the world with a kind of ironic detachment that allows him to see the dark humor in the most uncomfortable situation.

“Confessions shares the good, the bad and the ugly of my life story – I’ve let go of any hesitation to be honest and put it all on the table,” says Pope.

Destined for the big screen, “Confessions” will change the way you view the world and the powerful few who really control it.

Read full press release.

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