Palm Beach New Times: National Enquirer Heir Wins Back Right to Keep His Guns

Paul David PopePalm Beach New Times
August 6, 2015

It has been a long, weird road for Paul Pope. The son of the founder of the National Enquirer found himself locked in a legal tussle involving his own mother. The most recent front in that on-going fight: Pope’s been trying to get his guns back.

In 2013, a Palm Beach County judge forced Pope to hand over his considerable arsenal of firearms (and it is considerable; New Times spent a couple of days hanging around Pope, and one morning watched his staff catalog the expensive shotguns, assault-style rifles, and handguns Pope kept in his bedroom closet). The court’s protection order stemmed from a flurry of legal filings Pope’s mother, Lois, filed against her son, claiming she felt threatened by his presence.

Pope played nice with the judge’s order. He handed over the weapons. Recently, after a period of time allowed by the courts, Pope filed to have that 2013 order amended. He wanted his firearms back.

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