According To The NY Daily News: Son of National Enquirer owner Generoso Pope Jr. says his mom wants to stop his story

Paul David Pope

NY Daily News
June 18, 2015

Here’s irony for you: The widow of National Enquirer owner Generoso Pope Jr. is trying to stop someone from printing her secrets, according to her son.

Paul Pope, the heir to his dad’s scandal-mag fortune, says in court papers filed Tuesday that his mother, Lois, is using a restraining order to prevent him from publishing a tell-all memoir about the family. Generoso Pope owned the Enquirer from 1952 to 1988.

Now his son is suing to have the order modified so he can release the book, “Confessions of a Rich Kid From Hell.”

“I intend to exercise my First Amendment rights and continue publishing ‘Confessions,’ which is my life story,” he told Confidenti@l.

While the 2013 restraining order bans Paul from coming near or contacting his mother, it doesn’t specifically say anything about his book. However, Paul’s attorney Mike Pike told Confidenti@l the scion feels “intimidated” and that “because of the parties involved, it would be remiss to think that Paul would not be concerned that his First Amendment rights were being violated.”

Paul, who has been in a decades-long legal battle with his mom over her $200 million inheritance, alleges in the suit filed in Palm Beach, Fla., that his millionaire mom told police he physically threatened her to prevent him from researching the memoir in 2013.

He claims that after Lois discovered he had written to Peter Peterson, his father’s adviser, to dig up dirt for the book, she contacted cops.


“Shortly after Paul Pope’s letters to Mr. Peterson, Ms. Pope filed a police report alleging on-going harassment and emotional distress,” wrote Pike in Tuesday’s filing. “Ms. Pope alleges in those reports she was threatened and harassed by her son for more than 25 years, yet she never once filed a police report or attempted to obtain an injunction until 2013.”

After Lois’ report was filed, Paul — who earlier published a history of his father’s business, “The Deeds of My Fathers” (including his grandfather) — was arrested   and faced a stalking charge. According to the filing, he voluntarily agreed to the injunction that also prevented him from owning guns, in exchange for the police not charging him.

Now Paul Pope is asking a judge to lift the ban on gun ownership, because he has obeyed the injunction for two years.

“Even assuming a book was to be written or will be written, this injunction cannot further be utilized as means to restrain Paul Pope, an American citizen, from exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech as provided under the First Amendment,” it says in the papers. A similar attempt to change the restraining order was denied by a judge last year.

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